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Monday, October 26, 2009

Longlining- Wroclaw, Sept 22nd 2009

So, I unfortunately do not have much to say about this day right now. I seem to only remember the best part-- I WALKED 139 METER LONGLINE!!!!!New personal best :)

I walked it on my fourth try. We will have to set it up again sometime because I only walked it one way, still need to walk both ways. I remember also tensioning the line, and all the rotten apples on the ground which were very unpleasant feeling when you squished them between your toes. Then your feet smelled like rotten apples, really nice. Damian and Janek walked the 139 No problem, first try, full man. Not surprising, but they set a new polish record. Korny took some tries on the line as well, and walked quite a bit of it. So, it was a successful day. Apparently I set a new women's longline record but as we all know slackline records are usually word of mouth, so if a girl somewhere out there has walked longer, I apologize! We also set up a 105 meter longline, which I full manned OS. The photos here are from that line, which was rigged with white magic, white color. The 139 was rigged with red colored white magic. I will publish photos of that line and me on it in the near future.

The next day Kornie and I set up a very very loose 50 meter line in a park right next to Kornie's cousins' apartment. We were basically just craving some slacking so decided we may as well go for a short session. It was a good day, as I found 5 zlotys in the dirt under the tree our anchor was on, and some change as well. Kornie sent it onsight full man, I full titted it (fell on the first try, LAME!) Some women talked to Kornie about slacklining with blind children, which I thought sounded like a really great idea. It would be very beneficial for their balance and spacial awareness. Slackline Therapy! The next big thing! That night Kornie cooked some crazy concoction for me that tasted kind of like a kebab, and it involved lettuce, tomato, pickles, chicken and about two kilos of mayonnaise and ketchup. It was good, though I had a strange thought that I was in the making of a clogged artery later in life :)

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