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Monday, October 26, 2009

Things I learned in Poland

1. Do not say zejebisde to grandmothers.
2. Hitchhiking is really easy in Poland, it is an old tradition there.
3. Polish trains often have no heating (or too much in some cases) and the only difference between first class and second is the color of the car, and the curtains are a little nicer.
4. Polish train bathrooms are slightly worse then a prison bathroom.

5. Poland is cheap.
6. Pronouncing polish words correctly for an American is practically impossible. Must drink vodka first.
7. The Polish really do drink vodka like it is water. Do not think you can drink the same amount and be OK.
8. Not very many people there speak English.
9. You can ride public transportation for free, however be prepared to run from ticket controllers.
10. Polish food is delicious, especially home cooked, be prepared to double your weight though.
11. Graffiti everywhere, most illegible.
12. A shop is called a sklep.
13. There are dogs and cats running free everywhere, and somehow the dogs never get hit by cars.
14. The parks have quite a bit of dog shit in the grass, not nice when you are barefoot and fall off the slackline.
15. Polish sausage is called Kielbasa. Everyone in Poland eats it.
16. Lots of words that I do not know how to spell.
17. Fruit trees grow in abundance, free fruit!
18. Polish drivers are crazy. If there is a pedestrian in the street they speed up.
19. There is a stereotype about the Polish stealing everything...haven't experienced it, so maybe it is not true...
20. There is a taxi service called FART TAXI. Fart apparently means 'luck' in polish, needless to say, taking a Fart Taxi is hilarious.
21. During warm months the freaking Soviet Mosquito's come out, and can bite through two layers of clothing. Repellent does nothing.
22. There are many beautiful polish women.
23. Many polish guys sport the lovely Euro-mullet or faux-hawk.
24. Polish bitches love their shiny clothing and accessories.
25. Polish grandmothers will feed you until you are about to pop, then insist you have cake.
26. Southern poland is beautiful!
27. You will get a ticket for putting your feet on the seats in a train.

More to come! As my polish adventures continue...

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