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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Posts to Come:

1.Meteora, Greece.
Hitchhiking there and back from Poland, meeting with many other great Highliners, and of course all the highlines.

6. Vibram Natural Games
Millau, France. Highlines, Trickline competition, Slacklife presentation and more

9. Switzerland-53m highline 1200m high-craziness!
Hiking in the night and rain, crossing mountain rivers, tick bites, losing vid cam, hiking down, hiking up, sketch trails, trying a hard highline and more! Then a bonus highline before leaving CH and meeting nice rangers (just kidding)

10. Lublin Urban Highline Festival
Awesome festival in Poland, rigging and walking three highlines on historical buildings, staying in a hotel, girls and boys trickline contest (1st place!) Longlining and more!

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