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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Playing Catch up, as usual...

I have most definitely taken a pause from updating this thing...which is ok considering it works mainly as an online journal of my life in pursuit of balance and mind-control, but just to give a run down of what is to come:

Our somewhereelseland team continued on to Joshua Tree, which is a large post I need to work on involving bouldering, highlining and new years with monkeys galore. Then we went back to LA for a while before joining our Canadian friends Thomas and Charlie on a roadtrip through baja, Mexico. This was also an exciting adventure worth posting about. After baja we returned to LA to get ready for Tuscon, Arizona where we met up with some awesome local slackliners and rigged and walked various classic highlines, including one new one which I took the FA of. After this we headed back to Austin to send off Jordan back to Germany, then Janek and I worked hard to prepare for the next installment of our trip. I flew off to England and Croatia for a supersecret job that will be public in half a year or so, and Janek flew to Moab, Utah to rage with monkeys until I arrived. We are here now, in Moab, waiting out some bad weather.

Hopefully Ill be able to catch up on all this soon! More updates can be found on my team website at (click link for blog)

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