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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trident du Tacul Highline in Chamonix

One of the most challenging highline projects, and possibly the most beautiful highline I have ever set foot on. Immediately after the Girls Only Festival, I traveled to Berlin to submit a visa application, then picked up a rental car, drove back to Ostrov to fetch equipment, and subsequently drove directly to Chamonix to take a lift to 4000m. Along with Heather from One World Media, we camped on a glacier for a night, and I ascended 200+ meters two days in a row to give the beautiful 90m line a try. I was unable to send, but the experience was incredible. We de-rigged on my second day there, to my dismay. I hope to repeat this project in my lifetime, with more time. It was powerful and awe-inspiring! Thanks to the whole team for making it happen!